Qualifier 2022-2023 Summary

Qualifier 2022-2023 Powerplay went very well! Our day started off rough, losing our first 3 matches. Match 1 was a narrow loss. In match 2 one of our encoders got unplugged, causing our robot to fall. In match 3 we ran without an alliance partner. We ended up in 6th place and we were able to pick alliance partners. We picked the Gearheads and Knights of the Ping Pong Table. We won our first two finalist matches by 1 point! In the last match, we won by more than one point!! We placed 3rd in Think, 1st in Connect, 3rd in Inspire, and were the captains of the winning finalist alliance! We are on our way to state with Gearheads, Robo Raiders, Super SCREAM Bros, & The Knights of the Ping Pong Table! Congrats everyone on an amazing day! Check out our Instagram at @ftc8620 for more pics!

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