Meet 3: 1/11/20

In the first match we completed our autonomous, but then had a connection error, preventing us from executing our plan for teleop.


After the issue with our connection, we were unable to complete autonomous, but started teleop by placing the foundation into the build site. We were able to collect 4 blocks throughout teleop and endgame. We got 5 points in autonomous, 7 in teleop, and 20 in endgame, winning 32-21!


In the third match we ended up scoring 59 points, ending in a tie. We did so with the help of our alliance partner who delivered blocks as we stacked. In the end we stacked 4 high, with 5 stones total on the foundation, and one capstone. 


In the fourth match that we played, we were able to position the waffle and park over the line during autonomous. In teleop our alliance partner worked on delivering skystones as we worked on stacking. We were able to stack two high and place a total of three stones on the foundation. In endgame we were able to move the foundation out of the build site and both robots on our alliance were able to park. This match ended with a win, 53-12.


In our final match we were able to drag the foundation and score a skystone with our alliance. Both teams were able to park. We stacked 2 high with a capstone. In the end we had four stones on the foundation and pulled it out of the build site. The total score was 79-34