COVID-19- The Impact On FTC

The Impact of COVID-19 on the WormGear Warriors
As everyone knows the Coronavirus and had a great impact on schooling, sports, and the general economy.
COVID-19 has closed down many schools, if not all. As of March 13th, our coaches decided we should no longer continue meeting. As of March 16, Illinois governor, JB Pritzker, announced the closing of all public schools in Illinois. He also advised that all public and social events be cancelled, which soon led to FIRST events being cancelled.
We had been planning an event, which we called “A Gear in Review”.  All teams from our division were to be invited to recap their and show what they learned. The event was to be held on April 4th. Unfortunately, on March 20th that event was also cancelled.
Our team then started to look into ways to help our communities through such tough and unusual situations as this. Our team began looking into hospitals and medical facilities that would accept 3D printed face wear, such as facemasks. After learning SM clinics, SLU hospitals, and Emerson Electric were accepting 3D printed face wear, we soon got to work making them.
After also learning that Anderson hospital in Maryville also started accepting homemade cloth masks, our team split up to buy, cut, and sew cloth. We were lucky enough to receive a donation from a local Walmart for cloth and elastic. Through a personal contact at SLU hospital, our team was asked to make hair “bonnets”, which help nurses contain their hair. (see picture below)
 We recently received a request from a CN working at Belleville Memorial Hospital for hair bonnets. We hope to continue to receive requests, as we would like to play our part in keeping others healthy.
Having to do work as a team without physically being in contact was difficult, but thankfully we had lots of help from mentors, coaches, and parents.
As of April 7th, we have made 30 hair bonnets and over 100 masks! We plan on continuing to help our community through this difficult time! We can always use some extra hands……. if anyone is willing to donate cloth, elastic, or money to buy supplies, we would greatly appreciate it! Our community needs you and we are all playing a part in helping our communities stay healthy!
-WormGear Warriors