meet #1: 2019


Our first run we were able to stack 3 high, almost cap, to get a total of 57 points , the highest points scored throught the whole match.

The second run we were able to stack 5 high, the highest stacked out of the whole meet, get 2 skystones over the bridge in the autonomous, and park in the zone, to tie at 48 points

Our third run we were able to stack 3 high, but unfortunately that was knocked over in the process of capping. In the end we were able to stack 1 high plus the capstone. We were unable to collect the skystones in autonomous, but we were able to park over the line. We lost this match 18 – 40.

Our 4th run we were able to collect one block in autonomous, but barely missed the parking line. We were unable to stack, though our alliance partner was able to stack 3 high, even though that got knocked down. Our alliance partner got the base into the depot adding up to a final 25 points, winning the match.

Our final run we were able to collect the skystones and park over the line and autonomous. We were able to stack 3 blocks high with the help of our alliance partners in tally up, totaling a score of 51 points, beating the opposing alliance.

At the end of the match we came up with the most points scored, highest blocks stacked, and highest high breaking points (which was 30.3)!

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